Self Storage Coin (Symbol STOR)

The digital currency of the Self Storage Industry

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Self Storage Coin (hereafter STOR) is designed for the future trend for the Self Storage industry with the goal of becoming a dominant cryptocurrency that can be used in all aspects of the transactional nature of the Industry including Real Estate. Whether Commercial or Residential the entire RE industry has been slow to catch up to technology. This is changing and we see trends where digital signatures are commonplace, e-mail exchanges provide durable legal basis and documents that used to be over-nighted are now e-mailed in preparation for a pending closing. The Self Storage Industry is no different where the tenant leases can now be done electronically and the self service Kiosk and Smart Phone apps are becoming widely accepted.

While advances have been made toward efficiency, the payment process still remains a cumbersome and expensive process where credit card fees are typically a line item in any budget or income statement costing the owners on average 2-3% of revenue. Cash for payments is becoming less used and most software platforms for tenant management allow for Auto-pay with a credit card as a convenience to both customer and owner. Integrating the cryptocurrency into the monthly payment landscape will not only provide additional savings to property owners but also keep pace with the growing number of Millennials using storage which are also the largest daily users of cryptocurrencies for goods and services in general. And very importantly these Millennials not only are more likely to be future users of cryptocurrencies but a recent demand study suggests that they will have a higher projected demand for Self Storage, estimated at 14% for Millennials compared to a little less than 10% for the rest of the population going forward.

STOR like all other cryptocurrencies, is not like other regulated currencies such as the U.S. dollar, Euro or Japanese Yen and do not have the backing of a government or other body. It exists based on a nearly pure supply and demand economic basis.  STOR is an Solana Token for the transfer of value and promotional marketing in the Self Storage industry and unlike a stock traded on an exchange; STOR nor other cryptocurrency provides a proportional ownership interest in an operating company.


STOR will promote the use and acceptance of our coin throughout the industry with the long range goal of being a simple and efficient option to traditional transactions related to the Self Storage industry. The integration of STOR as a commonly accepted form of payment will take time for the customer and the owner to fully adopt, but this evolution is rapidly advancing. For example many traditional businesses now accept Bitcoin and other crypto payments and we expect this trend will continue to evolve and touch nearly every part of our lives in the near and long term. Continuous and daily use provides demand and liquidity to all users of STOR.

Relationships and partnering opportunities with Crypto based credit card issuers to provide a wide array of payment options are expanding and will lead to a seamless payment system from Wallet to Fiat currency to C2B (Consumer to Business) daily usage.  As these decentralized integrated payment opportunities arise we will continue to partner with these solution based providers with our primary goal clearly in focus.  Providing ease of use in daily transactions for holders of STOR and supporting the value with continuous demand!

As the comfort and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in general becomes more mainstream STOR is a viable and durable option due in large part to our relationships in and around the Self Storage industry. This can only happen with an ongoing effort by our management and technology staff's focus on the rapidly growing market we operate within. Our use of existing blockchain technology based on the Solana ecosystem leverages the durable and lasting protocols proven to be safe as well as efficient. This functionality provides secure transactions as the basis for our token.

Beyond Self Storage:

Due to it's mechanical form of monthly transactions which provides continuous demand, the Self Storage industry is the perfect beneficiary of this new paradigm of decentralized payment systems in the future. There are many opportunities for the expansion STOR can pursue in a variety of industries not limited to Self Storage. Many cryptocurrency offerings do not specifically address the demand side of the equation which we feel is paramount if we are to have a stable and growing cryptocurrency in the near and long term.

Without a continued real world useful demand and functional use by real customers we feel there is limited real long term support for valuing many of the cryptocurrencies in the marketplace other than simply the trading on the exchanges. While the Self Storage Industry represents our favored asset class and is plenty large to accommodate significant future demand we will continue to pursue the use and expand our reach wherever feasible.

Market Discussion:

Regardless the fact that cryptocurrencies are not investments in the traditional sense they do have many similarities and have made individuals wealthy while many others have lost real money in the process. So what is the value of a cryptocurrency? As earlier mentioned it is our opinion that each Coin or Token changes in value based on a near exclusive supply and demand basis. This is where management believes we augment the demand side of STOR through the continued use within the Self Storage Industry.

There is a great amount of interest in the Self Storage industry due to it's relative stability as a real estate investment. We do anticipate there will also be interest in STOR from many that may not own self storage facilities themselves due to the high cost and potentially even those that may not use storage personally either. STOR represents a way for these individuals to participate in both the Self Storage and Cryptocurrency industry at a manageable level.

The nature of many consistent monthly payments and therefore demand for the STORs themselves should provide a continuous and growing demand side pressure on the long term value of the coin. This does not mean that price fluctuations will be avoided but the design of the coin and the marketing of it's use is specifically designed so that we enjoy that continuous demand pressure for the coin in regular trading activity. This is unlike many other cryptocurrencies where there may be a brilliant technical concept but limited practical buy side demand which adds to long term value and reduced volatility. In the first several years of our existence the main focus of our team will be expanding the use and acceptance of STOR throughout the industry with incentives designed not only for customers but also the owners of the facilities.

As an example of our initial market strategy we will offer the Customer paying for storage with STOR a discount when they purchase the coin and use it for payment with a participating location.  For example, they may buy STOR to use for part of their payment and keep the bonus tokens in reserve anticipating their future rent payment or to use at another participating storage facility. For the owner accepting STOR as payment, the bonus program directly rewards the owner in STORs for whatever Fiat equivalent value in coins they receive as payment from the customer. In this program the customer will in essence receive a lower cost for the monthly rent in real money, thus making them more likely to patronize the STOR member facility. Also, the facility owner may elect to receive the bonus directed to the wallet of the owner's choice.

During our marketing campaign to the owners of the facilities we will provide the onboarding outline and also a base amount of STOR to cover the cost of any employee training needed and any cost related to updating websites and information. This will also provide a way for the owner that may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies to set up the accounts according to their preferences.

We foresee a time when a sizable portion of monthly self storage payments will be made using STOR. There are limited opportunities for a well operated and stabilized facility to increase revenue in any meaningful way, the additional income and competitive advantage should lead to a robust adoption of STOR going forward. As the continued use of Self Storage Coin expands, this demand side of the Supply-Demand equation will continue to grow and by extension we feel the value of Self Storage Coin can also grow in direct proportion to its acceptance in the marketplace. We have no certainty this acceptance will occur at the level and speed we anticipate, but we are confident that the trend in the marketplace supports our assumptions.

Management believes that by the expanding acceptance of Self Storage Coin and other cryptocurrencies and with our focus on targeting repeat users; we provide a more stable demand side equation as a way to undergird the price and the expected volatility we see in many crypto markets.

We strongly believe that continued demand is a critical component of the future value of the STOR. Merely creating a token is not sufficient to create a marketplace for acceptance, our team has experience in nearly all aspects of the Self Storage industry from development and operations to effectively implement the strategy. With funds from Self Storage Coin we will also make investments in real world Self Storage businesses that is then used to repurchase STOR for Treasury in the trading markets.

Capitalization and Offering

Private Sale: 15,000,000 (15% of Total Supply)
Treasury: 15,000,000 (15% of Total Supply)
Liquidity Incentives: 40,000,000 (40% of Total Supply)
Founders, Advisors, Team: 30,000,000 (30% of Total Supply)


With the focus to reduce the operational cost structure and add income to each facility we work with, we anticipate a signficant % of industry adoption. Not only can the industry increase profitability with the use of the Self Storage Coin but they will also benefit from our marketing efforts. Current customers that use any other cryptocurrency can convert their existing holdings into STOR simply and easily for payment to our Self Storage partners. To be the dominant player we need only focus on our core mission which is to make the Self Storage Coin a viable and durable option, secure and predictable based on solid technology with a long term vision.