The Crypto Ecosystem for Self Storage

Self Storage Coin (STOR) is designed to take advantage of the recession resistant demand in the Self Storage industry and provide a unique cryptocurrency solution backed by a real world use cases, not found in many other cryptocurrencies. STOR provides a user or hodler with a cryptocurrency ecosystem that represents the self storage industry. Market participants may enjoy the concept of a cryptocurrency suite designed for self storage. As STOR expands, cash flow from direct investments into Self Storage assets and a suite of cryptocurrency products will offer stable demand for the token.

How it works

STOR sponsors valuable crypto products for use in Self Storage Facilities. In return users who stake STOR are offered unique perks pertaining to the use of the products.


Powerful Online Locker Aggreator and Payments Dapp

Self Storage Coin LLC. will launch a secure and easy to use payments dapp that allows customers to search for the locker they need and be able to pay for it at the same time using crypto. Users can stake STOR to enjoy benefits such as reduced rates or kickback. Facilities can stake STOR to enjoy marketing and preferred choice within the dapp. Facilities no longer need worry about chargeback or fraud with the stablecoin sponsored by STOR, BENZ.

Stake STOR For NRG and Use NRG For Perks

Through STOR's unique staking system, users can stake STOR to accumulate mythical NRG. NRG isn't a token but it is used to choose from a variety of Perks offered in the ecosystem. Perks will include offers like discounted rates, cheaper BENZ purchases or redemptions, preferred spots for facilities in the dapp, and more as the ecosystem expands. There will even be an option to redeem your NRG directly for STOR and redeem your STOR for NRG.

Hold STOR For Expanding Ecosystem Benefits and Value Capture

As the STOR ecosystem expands to include more products, the demand for it's Perks will increase. With STOR's fixed supply this demand will drive value towards STOR as it is bought to be staked for NRG. In addition Self Storage Coin LLC. Will use real cash flow from the industry and operations to further support the market.

The total revenue for all self storage is estimated at $0 for the year so far.


We began working on the Self Storage Coin idea in 2017, created the Ethereum based token in 2018 and published an article in the trade publication Inside Self Storage in April of 2018 discussing the possible intersection of Storage and Crypto.

However, there were several headwinds to overcome. One being the transaction fees. This has to be low to compete with credit card processing for the facility owners! Another is the sufficient liquidity in the trading markets to allow an individual to buy and sell as needed. Also was the ease of use by customers and facility owners to process and receive payments seamlessly. Finally was the uncertainty of regulations being applied at the time to the cryptocurrency space generally.


These hurdles have been solved in a large part via bridging to the Solana network and their ability to facilitate very low transaction fees, provide the framework for a liquid market for trading and even the regulation and acceptance of cryto in general has expanded in the last 3-5 years.

Our Primary goal remains the same:

To provide the Self Storage Industry with a simple, durable and ever expanding cryptocurrency payment option which increases profitability to the owner and savings to the customers! We foresee a point in the future where STOR will be used not only in daily payment operations but also to transact larger commercial Real Estate properties as simply and efficiently as a bank wire.


With the explosion of innovative technology in the cryptocurrency space providing alternative forms of liquidity options for token creators, combined with the proliferation of authorized security token exchanges and improved overal liquidity; an updated vision for a predictable and more stable trading environment now exists as is evident in the last few years.

By servicing liquidity so the transactions are cheap and nearly instant through the use of Web 3 tools directly into consumer purchase flows we are now able to compete with simple click payment solutions. Rather than simply a currency traded only on an exchange, the transaction can take place using crypto itself.

The use of Solana paves the way for STOR to directly compete with other payment/settlement providers and simplifies the integration into existing management software providers used presently in the Self Storage Industry.

At the time of this writing there are nearly 60,000 Self Storage facilities in operation or planned in the US, with an average size of around 50,000 sq ft. The aggregate revenue in the industry is over $3 Billion per Month! This revenue model is the base of support for Self Storage Coin as we work with individual facility owners, software providers and 3rd party management companies to continually expand the adoption and increase profitability for the owners of these facilities.

The unique nature of our business model not only generates an income/savings for facility owners, but also generates revenue to promote STOR operations which is then invested directly into the industry which is well known for its relatively stable profile in the Real Estate industry. Cash flow generated from STOR's direct ownership is then used in the cryptocurrency markets to continually and actively support the long term value via our proprietary algorithm.

STOR Core Features

These are the features of STOR that will help drive it's adoption in the self storage industry.

Based on Solana Blockchain

Being on the Solana Blockchain enables STOR to have low fees and an easy access to stablecoins like BENZ and USDC, which enables quick and easy settlement into and from cash at any time.

Decentralized Money

STOR being on a decentralized blockchain gives it access to a open and public ledger. This enables STOR to be used in a trust-less fashion and grants it immunity from centralized authority threats and terrorism. Your STOR is under your control and yours alone.

Real Economic Value

By being used within it's own ecosystem, which itself supports crypto for the Self Storage industry, STOR value is driven from the value of the products sponsored and more.

Expanding Use Cases

As Self Storage Coin LLC. Expands on the products it offers, STOR will receive complimentary use cases, including new perks from staking. This creates a diverse economy for STOR within the industry and it's ecosystem.


In order for the average customer to use and retain STOR, it must be simple to use. Built on the strength of the Solana blockchain and the creation of a simplified first time use; the resistance to change from customers is reduced.


With the strong cash flow of the Storage industry undergirding demand for STOR and the Proof Of Stake dynamics of a Solana based token; opportunities exist to expand rewards and alliances beyond basic trading in crypto markets.

Our Roadmap

For more comprehensive information on our Roadmap click here!

Risks of Self Storage Coin (STOR) and Cryptocurrencies

We encourage everyone interested in STOR and all Cryptocurrencies to be aware of the risks associated with the markets and digital assets in aggregate. Unlike stocks and other direct investments, the holders of Cryptocurrencies do not own a share in the underlying business or project. For this reason when discussing a stock you would buy “shares” meaning that you own a tiny fraction or a share of the company. When Cryptocurrencies are discussed, generally the term “Token” or “Coin” is used, as this does NOT represent a direct ownership.

We encourage all participants to review and keep up to date on the guidance offered by the SEC specific to Cryptocurrency regulation. Here is a link to a recent discussion and we urge everyone to review and make themselves familiar with the direction and updates from the regulatory authorities. Click Here

Also, discussions in general regarding ICO's here: Click Here

Self Storage Coin makes every attempt to be fully compliant with all regulations. Our ICO is registered as a Reg CF offering in compliance with the required guidelines as they exist. And we always will encourage any participant in the Cryptocurrency markets to never commit any funds that you are not willing to lose all or part of; this should always be considered Risk Capital. STOR and all Cryptocurrencies derive their value almost totally from basic Supply and Demand economics and as a result can have more volatility than other assets.